What advantage does XinxingLaser offer compared to other China laser factory?

XinxingLaser focus on just laser technology, high control quality and comparative price.


With much experience in Latin America, Special technology and configurations suitable for local customers requirement.Such as air conditioner for electric cabinet help machine 24 hour working without stop under high temperature.


Door-to-door shipping to customer’s facility, One station service, includes seaway shipping, clearance customs and ground shipping.


Local post-sale technical service, maintain, repair, such as Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Salvador and more.

What kinds of materials can CO2 or Fiber lasers cut, mark, or engrave?

Fiber laser cutter is for metal cut, fiber laser marker is for metal and non metal engrave and mark, CO2 laser is for non metal cut and engrave and mark. More information please check our APPLICATION page.

How to choose my laser type and model?

1.What material you precess


2.The thickness of your materials


3. Cut or engrave or mark, our sale engineers are ready to talk and help you confirm your laser type and model.

Life time of laser machine

The life time for whole machine is nearly 10 years, for the most important part laser source, it’s 100,000 hours for fiber laser machine and 10,000 hours for CO2 laser machine.The laser source could be replace

How long does it take to learn how to operate the laser?

Manuel, Video and online support team, Xinxing Laser get these ready for you. From our customers feedback, even 0 experience they can easily to learn and operate machine with 1 hour.

Do you offer installation and training on site overseas?

Yes, it’s available for Fiber laser cutter, our skilled expert engineers have much experience in laser, who will install and training in your facility. Or you come to our factory, we’d like to training you here.

How to make design for my laser?

You can make design with your own software like CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Tajima and more, and then input them to XINXING LASER. Even you have no any design software, you can design with our software RuidaRDC6445, this software support Graphic format BMP, HPGL(PLT), JPEG, DXF,AI, DST, more details please ask your sale engineer.

Do you offer a Warranty?

Our qualified skilled salesman provide professional and helpful pre-sale service.


3 year guarantee for whole machine.


Experienced engineer for post-sale technical service 24*7 on line and local service includes maintain, repair in customers’s facility such as Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Salvador and more.


Installation and training is available on site in customers’ facility.




How soon can you ship me a laser cutter?

Generally it’s about 5 work days for CO2 laser and Fiber marking laser machine, and 20-30 work days for Fiber cutting machine.A fews days more or less based on different model, for exact days please check with your sale engineer.