Metal Sheet Cutting Machine-E Series



Raytools Laser Cutting Head                


Auto focus, free your hand, with more accuracy and fast speed.                

Optimized optical configuration, smooth & efficient airflow design,                 

improve cut quality and efficiency, keep high accurate & precision                

• Anti-collision function, free from the risk of collision;                

• Collimation lens, focusing lens and nozzle are all have cooling structures,                 

24 hours working without stop, even under high temperature environment.                

Cast Iron Bed                


Exchangeable double bed, one working while the other one                 

feeding material, double your efficiency. One-piece casting bed, flake                 

graphite cast iron, the lowest tensile strength 200Mpa. high carbon                 

content, high compressive strength, strong shock absorption and                 

wear resistancelow thermal sensitive and bed gap sensitivity reduce the loss                 

in equipment running,the bed accuracy maintain and no deformation                 

in a life cycle                



Cast Aluminium Beam                


Cast aluminum formed by 4300 tons press extrusion molding, then aging treatment,                 

strength 6061 T6 which is the strongest of all gantries.                 

The Cast aluminum beam with good toughness, corrosion resistance,                 

anti-oxidation. Low density & weight, this greatly improve the cut speed.                

 Yaskawa Servo Motor                


Japanese Yaskawa servo motor, closed-loop control method ensure accurate                 

positioning and dynamic response to optimum acceleration, which keep the                 

automatic positioning mechanism run smoothly and reliably.                


  • Specifications
    Working Area3000mm x 1500mm4000mm x 2000mm6100mm x 2000mm
    Laser Power1000w - 20kw
    Laser SourceIPG & Raycus
    Positioning Accuracy0.03mm0.05mm
    Repositioning Accuracy0.02mm0.03mm
    Max Movement Speed140m/min
    Max Acceleration1.4G
    Data TransferEthernet, USB & Wifi
    Additional EquipmentChiller cooler & extractor
    Hours of continuous work24 hours
    Working Voltage220V, 3 phases, 60Hz
    OptionalVoltage regulator

Xinxing Laser Cutting Machine, application for process Carbon and stainless steel, mild steel, soft steel, galvanized steel, coated steel, alloy, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium and more

Application for industry cut steel sheet, steel plate, aviation, electrical appliances, auto parts, cellphone, machinery, ships, metallurgical equipment, household appliances, tool processing, advertising and so on






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Xinxing Laser E-Series, 1000w - 20kw power for option. As industry laser cover most thickness metal sheet, cut max 30mm thickness Carbon and 25mm Stainless steel. And various metal materials, Carbon and stainless steel, alloy, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium and more,Cut with exchangeable double bed, one bed working and the other one loading material, non stop cutting system make higher efficiency.

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